Solar Calculator Disclaimer

We’ve recommended a solar system size and estimated savings based on the information you have provided. The calculator is a guide only and does not consider all of your personal circumstances. In addition, your actual savings may vary according to factors such as your location, the direction your roof faces, the pitch or angle of your roof, shading or obstruction, weather/climate conditions, utility rates, feed in tariff rates, applicable government incentives and your energy usage.

The calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • 0.30 c/kWh consumption tariff on grid energy. This will vary based on the retailer that delivers energy to the property;
  • Feed in tariff of 0.12 c/kWh;
  • All energy produced is consumed on site;
  • True north aspect at a pitch of 20-25 degrees

The output calculations use sunlight data supplied by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as an average with guidance from the CEC kWp assumptions for daily solar generation. The output calculations are estimates only. There may be variances as a result of factors such as but not limited to sunlight availability and shading, inverter and cable loss, dust, panel orientation and azimuth and geographical distance between input state and available meteorological data-sets. The estimated savings generated by this calculator are general estimates only and are not guaranteed by Solar Revolution and are not intended to be relied upon for the purpose of making a decision. Any person intending to act or rely on the information should check its application to their circumstances. Other than what cannot be excluded at law, Solar Revolution and/or its related bodies are not liable for any claim, loss and/or damage (direct or indirect) caused by or in any way connected with the access to and/or use of this calculator.